Our Wall of Love

Jovian platform is so good that when I first checked it out few months back, I couldn't believe how much hard work Jovian team put into this. Every single element on the website is thoughtful and well programmed. Also, I loved the Jovian Forum, everybody is so supportive and active there that I felt good engaging there. I don't have enough words to say about their awesome beginner friendly course content. Lots of love to Jovian team. ❤️ Learning a lot from Jovian! 🔥
Ramesh Kasotiya
I am writing to thank you for providing such a good quality course and an amazing platform for data science. I am learning from different sources and I can clearly say that your courses are the best,I am willing to learn as much as I can.
Waddah Alhajar
A great data science platform and community. I would recommend this platform for anyone who wish to study and engage in data science and artificial intelligence. It is also a great collaborating platform for data science projects.
Zelalem Getahun
To be honest, I am grateful to have encountered a global platform like Jovian providing the courses that are well organized and timely managed. The fellows I'm learning with are very cooperative and the community itself kind of propel you to learn more. The first course that i had participated "Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas", helped me a mile to get my confidence back. So they deserve more than a "Thank You"!
Mariha Tabassum
The best part of the Jovian platform was that it had a bunch of enthusiastic learners on it, so that I always felt like there was help available when I needed it. In addition, somehow Aakash was able to provide reminder prodding emails specific to me. That made it feel like a very personal experience although there were thousands of people taking the class.
Jane Yao
It had been a great journey with Jovian. I remember when I first started with Deep Learning back in March 2020 it was a great experience that I ever have in data science. The most unique thing about Jovian is its community!! As I always said, "As long you are willing to learn and ask a question, there will also be people to help up!" Well, I want to thank Aakash and his team that works so hard to provide the best course in data science I had ever been to!! I am from Malaysia and community in Malaysia will support jovian in the near future! Keep up the good work!
Michael Chia Yin
The platform is very well thought out for Data Science projects. Really like it. I have taken both the courses (Zero to GANs and Zero to Pandas) offered by Jovian and I really feel like those courses are really well planned out. You would never feel bored as they are very engaging and practical. Thanks Jovian for such awesome platform and courses.
Haswanth Aekula
I still can't believe I can make projects in data science now where I didn't had any prior knowledge of Python before taking up Jovian course 'zero-To-Pandas'. The whole journey was just amazing. The whole team and their approach can really make a person from beginner to expert! and yes, I believe in them that much! This is my honest review and Iam already taking up their second course- 'Machine Learning: Zero to Gans'. Thank You :)
Monika R.